Pitching Session


Don't miss the opportunity to present your game in front of a number of experts who can provide you with relevant feedback and maybe even establish cooperation in the future. A total of 5 - 8 selected indie developers will get the opportunity to present their game during the Game Developers Session on Saturday, the 9th.

What to prepare?

Prepare a 3-minute pitch presentation about the game, including visuals, unique selling points, gameplay description, business model highlights, and sales estimates. Including a short video from your game would be ideal.

Pitching Session Structure:

  • 3-minute studio presentation
  • 3 - 5 minutes of subsequent discussion with the judges

When and Where?

  • December 9, 2023 (Saturday), 17:00
  • Game Developers Session 2023, Prague

This is a unique opportunity to establish contact with experts, obtain valuable and relevant feedback on the game, or establish possible cooperation.
If you are interested, reply to krystof.jezdik@gdsprague.com by the 3rd of December. Afterward, send your materials to marek.vykysaly@gdsprague.com by the 6th of December.

Participant Selection Process?

A team comprising game publishers, consultants, and experts will evaluate your game based on internal criteria. Primarily, the selection will hinge on whether your game aligns with the fundamental requirements of game publishers showcased at the conference, aiming to foster optimal outcomes and synergies.


⚔️ DEEP CONSULTING: Elevating Game Development ⚔️

We specialize in comprehensive game development consultancy, offering a range of services to streamline the creative and business aspects of game projects. Our dedicated team, fueled by a passion for gaming and grounded in a business-oriented mindset, leverages a proven track record of successful titles.
For game Developers, our services include:

  • Game Concept Evaluation
    Assessing and refining game concepts for optimal market appeal, ensuring your game communicates a clear USP to potential publishers or investors.
  • USP Validation and Brainstorming
    Identifying and enhancing Unique Selling Points (USPs), as well as generating innovative ideas.
  • Tailored Roadmaps and Plans
    Crafting customized roadmaps, financial strategies, and business plans for project success.
  • Technical and Artistic Feedback
    Providing constructive feedback on technical and artistic elements to ensure alignment with industry standards.
  • Market Penetration Strategies
    Formulating realistic plans to reach the right audience and successfully penetrate the market.
  • Tailored Pitch Deck Creation
    Assisting in the preparation of a tailored pitch deck designed to meet the specific needs of publishers or investors.
  • Publisher Matching and Negotiation
    Collaborating to find the ideal publishing or investment partner, negotiating optimal deals, and providing ongoing support until project completion.

We distinguish ourselves as more than mere sales professionals; we are passionate experts with substantial experience in development and game project management. Our accumulated knowledge is shared with our clients, empowering them with superior materials, strategic planning, and, above all, the potential for better games.

⛵ Sail Your Game to Fame and Profit ⛵

For Publishers, our services include:

  • Game Selection
    Assisting in the identification of perfectly tailored games ready to enrich your portfolio.
  • Strong IP Development
    Leveraging our extensive game development experience to transform selected titles into profitable Intellectual Properties (IPs).
  • Customized Game Selection
    Aligning game choices with specific budget, release window, and genre preferences.
  • Portfolio Curation
    Streamlining the game selection process by filtering and presenting games and relevant information tailored to your portfolio needs.
  • End-to-End Support
    Committing to guide each development team until the successful release of the product, and in some cases, even during live-ops.

In essence, Cyber Sail Consulting is your strategic partner for navigating the intricate landscape of game development, ensuring your journey leads to recognition, profitability, and lasting success.

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